2019 NACMID/NEB-ASM Joint Conference


Thank you for joining us at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel!

Microbiology: The Exploration Continues

Monday April 8, full day workshops.

  • Parasitology with Henry S. Bishop
  • Antibiotics - Back to the Basics with Jeffrey Pearson, Brandon Dionne, Ramy Elshaboury, Ronak Gandhi, Monique Bidell
  • Epidemics Within the Opioid Epidemic: the Infectious Disease Consequences with Amy Bositis, Christopher Bositis, Janice Bryant, Kate Buchacz, David de Gijsel, Jessie Gaeta, Traci Green, H. Dawn Fukuda, Sheryl Lyss, Nancy Miller, Kerran Vigroux, Aysse Wurcel

Keynote Presentation by Raffi Van Aroian, PhD, Professor in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School:

"The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Using Nematode-pathogenic Bacteria to Cure Pathogenic Nematodes"

Tuesday April 9, general sessions.

  • DPDx Interesting Cases: Applying Telemedicine for Parasitology with Henry Bishop
  • Next Generation Antibiotics and their Next Generation Challenges with Sanjat Kanjilal
  • Student presentations
  • Integration and Use of the Sentinel Lab Protocols with Maureen Collopy, Andrew Berens and Catherine Brown
  • Fecal Transplant for C.difficile colitis... and more? with Elizabeth Hohmann
  • Global TB Updates Relevant to US Microbiologists with Elizabeth Talbot

Hotel Information

Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel

250 Market Street

Portsmouth, NH



NACMID/NEB-ASM 2019 Conference Brochure

NACMID NEB-ASM 2019 Conference Brochure (pdf)