Job Description: Bacteriologist III - (180001HI)

The Massachusetts State Public Health Lab at the Department of Public Health offers an opportunity for a professional with a strong science background to characterize bacteria of public health significance isolated from clinical sources and food or environmental sources using whole genome sequencing methods and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. In this position, you will also be responsible for analyzing and interpreting sequence data using established bioinformatics pipelines to identify organisms, identify genetic mechanisms of resistance, and identify virulence factors. You will also be asked to create dendograms to illustrate relatedness between strains.

In this position you will serve as a member of the MA Working Group on Foodborne Illness Control, and will share information related to new or existing clusters of foodborne illness.

Job Description: Seasonal Laboratory Technician I - (180001CF)

These positions present a seasonal opportunity to impact mosquito-borne illness in Massachusetts. During the mosquito season, employees will set up apparatus for field capture of mosquitoes and sort mosquitoes from other insects and identify species. Experience with ovitraps and mosquito rearing is beneficial. These staff will also perform various cleaning and other tasks in and about a mosquito laboratory setting and be trained to properly handle and deliver mosquito specimens to laboratory. 

Additional duties include various procedures for the detection and identification of viral agents, preparation of buffers and other solutions for use in isolating and identifying infectious agents, and general laboratory quality assurance including quality control of reagents, equipment and methods. 

Please note: These positions are seasonal and do not offer benefits. The work schedule is flexible including some weekends.

Job Description: Bacteriologist II - (1800002W)

The Massachusetts State Public Health Lab at the Department of Public Health offers an opportunity for a professional with a strong science background to identify and characterize bacteria of public health significance including the causative agents for whooping cough, pneumonia, meningitis and gonorrhea, as well as identify agents of foodborne illness such as Salmonella and E. coli

In this position you will also be responsible for testing bacterial isolates for antibiotic resistance. This position will be part of the Bioterrorism Response Laboratory, testing clinical isolates and environmental samples for suspect biothreat agents and assisting with training local clinical labs and first responders in proper collection and testing protocols. This position will require work in the BSL-3 laboratory.

Job Description: Medical Director, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences - (18000299)

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is seeking a dynamic and innovative leader who will serve as the Medical Director (Chief of Service) of the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences (BIDLS).  He/she will provide clinical leadership to BIDLS, epidemiologic input to the State Epidemiologist, and consultation to other DPH departments, local health departments, and governmental agencies. The Medical Director provides clinical supervision and medical guidance in disease recognition, investigation and control, as well as interpretation and application of policies and procedures. The incumbent serves as an educational resource for professional and lay audiences while formulating disease prevention policies with intra-departmental and inter-departmental working groups and professional organizations.

The Medical Director contributes to the success of BIDLS by integrating performance improvement initiatives together with regulatory requirements, while supporting all goals and objectives. Modern management, planning, administrative skills and experience, including the ability to be flexible and available when needed, are a hallmark of this role.

Job Description: Director of Biological Safety - Division of Environmental and Occupational Health

 Interface with biological safety laboratory personnel including administrators, researchers, laboratory staff and Institutional Biological Safety Committee staff to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures. Lead internal, multi-disciplinary team in biological safety program activities. Collaborate with city, state, and federal agency personnel on biological safety initiatives. Develop and/or maintain systems for Biological Safety program including permitting, oversight/monitoring/enforcement, data management, reporting, training and education, and financial systems. Serve as BPHC representative at community meetings related to biosafety and environmental health. Manage the Boston Biosafety Committee advisory group meetings to support BPHC biological safety initiatives. Performs evaluations and health risk assessments of exposure to biohazards and environmental pollutants in Boston. Organize and conduct evaluations and health risk assessments of exposure to biological and environmental pollutants during the course of performing health evaluations. Respond to environmental emergencies during normal hours and when on emergency on-call status. Communicate and coordinate effectively with local, state, and federal agencies as well as the general public regarding biological safety, environmental health, biological and toxic chemical hazards, and their abatement and control. Research relevant data including analyzing reports generated by institutions and environmental consultants. Clearly and concisely prepares and edits reports using field investigation, document review, library, and computer research data. Make sound judgments in determining health hazard and compliance status of multimedia sources of biohazard and pollution. Prepares reports for internal and external audiences. Reviews policy initiatives and makes recommendations to Director to ensure protection of city residents and institutions. Maintains necessary training and certifications in biological safety. Develops and manages budgets Develop, implements and manage projects and/or initiatives related to the program for the provision of services and/or to ensure effective operations and compliance with established standards and/or contracted goals and objectives. Works in a confidential capacity. Operates independently. Uses independent judgment and discretion to make decisions affecting the department and staff as it relates to unit operations/services and BPHC policy. Make and recommend management and personnel decisions for, including but not limited to promotion, transfer and assignment of staff, and imposition of discipline. Perform other duties as required. Perform other duties as required